Understanding team roles

When inviting your team to join your business on Hellotext you may want to limit how much access he has and to limit his privileges to what is most relevant to his responsibilities.

For this we propose different team member roles. Not everyone needs to see everything and by setting the the correct role you make sure that most sensitive parts are available only for the appropriate team members.


This is the role with the least amount of privileges.

Ideal for agent who will be mostly taking care of conversations.

  • Can manage conversations and contacts.


This is a role ideal for those who perform marketing activities or have agents in charge.

  • Can manage campaigns and see their reports.
  • Can manage captures.
  • Can manage journeys.
  • Can do everything agents do.


This is a role similar to the owner of the account.

  • Can do everything an owner can do except deleting the business.
  • Can do everything managers do.