Assigning conversations

Assigning conversations allows you and your team to have a clear chain of responsibility for each conversation at any given moment making it easier to understand which conversations every one is expected to take care.

This helps to reduce response times and increase both customer and team satisfaction as it becomes more clear who is expected to respond to any given conversation.

Typically, team members take care of any unassigned conversation and those assigned to them. As a rule, everyone takes responsibility of the conversations assigned to themselves.

When someone feels that the conversation requires to be handled by someone else in the team, he can just re-assign it to the appropriate member.

Assign a conversation to me

Select a conversation from the Inbox.

Conversations that remain unassigned can be easily assigned to yourself by simply clicking on the Assign to me button near the top right of the conversation.

A more convenient alternative is to simply reply on the conversation. As long as the conversation is still unassigned it will be automatically assigned to you when you send a message.

If the conversation is already assigned to someone else, you can re-assign it to yourself by clicking on the three dots near the top right of the conversation, select Assign and then select yourself from the list.

Assign a conversation to another team member

Select a conversation form the Inbox.

Click on the three dots near the top right of the conversation, select Assign and then select the team member that you want to assign the conversation to.

This conversation will now appear on the team member’s Inbox.

Closing conversation

When conversation no longer require any further action they can be simply marked as completed (also referred as closed). This will simply archive the conversation from the Inbox.

Closed conversation will be reopened again automatically if the customer replies back or a when events requires an action from your team, for example when an order has been placed on your store that needs to be confirmed and shipped by you.