Transferring ownership

It is possible to transfer the ownership of the business on Hellotext to another user account.

This is an action that only can be initiated by the user account that currently owns the business.

Transferring the business to another user account means that you will no longer be able to control this account and the new owner can also remove you as a team member of the business.

The new owner must be an existing team member of the business. If he is not a member yet, you can invite him to create an account and after he joins the business it will be posible to initiate the transfer of ownership.

Transferring ownership

From the Settings section, click on Teams on the left side of the page.

Select on the three dots near the right of the team member that you want to transfer the ownership to.

Click on Transfer ownership from the expanded menu and enter your current password to initiate the transfer.

The team member will receive an email requesting to accept the new ownership.

If the team member accepts the request the transfer is completed and he becomes the new owner of the business.