Obtaining an exclusive short code

Campaigns are typically sent from mobile phone numbers previously acquired or migrated, or from 4-5 digit short codes that are shared among different business on Hellotext.

Customers can reply back to messages received from a shared short code and their reply will appear on the Inbox of the business. It’s also possible to continue a conversation with a customer using a shared short code.

However, this is not always ideal. Other businesses may be also using the same short code when sending their campaigns. We try to minimize the impact by extending the number of short codes but it is still possible that a subscriber receives a message from a different business after yours. When the subscriber replies, the message will be associated to the business he received the last message from, and in this case it will be a different business than yours.

If your business plans to send a higher number of messages or if you must ensure that the short code is only used by your business it is possible to request an exclusive short code.


Starting on Scale plans onwards one exclusive short code in one country is already included in the plan when signed as an anual agreement. Annual agreements can also be paid monthly.

It is possible to request an exclusive short code, available on all mayor networks for $1,500 USD per month per country.

An exclusive short code requires you to sign an annual agreement, payable on monthly basis.

Each exclusive short code purchased includes 30,000 SMS messages to send to all network providers for no additional cost.

Requesting a short code

Contact your account executive to get started with the process.

He will ask you to sign the year agreement if needed. He may also suggest a list of existing exclusive short codes to choose from that are ready-to-use.

If you want to choose your own 4-5 digit short code you need to provide a list of at least 3 possible and different numbers, ordered in priority from most wanted to least.

Our team will obtain from the mobile operators the first that is available on all networks.