Migrating an existing number

Migrate your existing mobile phone numbers to Hellotext and super-charge them with all the benefits you already have: send campaigns with your existing business number that customers are familiar with, simplify all your team communications managing all conversations from the Inbox, configure automatic outside-hours replies, set-up advanced journeys and more. It is telephony 2.0!

Migrating existing mobile numbers

To migrate an existing number you need to send us its physical SIM card and we will make sure to set it up quickly and make it ready-to-use on your business account.

Contact your account executive to arrange the delivery of the SIM card. Once we receive it, the process is fairly quickly and you are not required to do anything else on your part.

Please note that we only currently support SMS (both sending and receiving). Support for voice calls will be added in the future. If you currently receive phone calls in this number it may not be a good idea to migrate it to Hellotext yet.

Migrating existing short codes

If you already own a short code and you already have the agreements with the mobile operators it is possible to migrate it to Hellotext.

Get in touch with your account executive to coordinate its next steps. Your account manager will provider you the details that you must give the mobile operators for them to configure your number to become available on the Hellotext platform.


Migrated phone numbers lines count from the available phone numbers included in your plan.

If you plan to migrate a line outside the numbers available in your plan, the standard price is $20 USD per month for migrated line.

The SMS costs associated to sending and receiving messages on migrated numbers are not charged on Hellotext as they will be billed by your mobile operator provider.

Hellotext charges 1/10th (or 10%) of the cost of a regular SMS or SMS credit to cover for the cost of transit through the platform.