Acquiring a keyword

Keywords are simple words that customers can send to a short code to subscribe.

If you don’t own a dedicated short code and still want to offer your customers an easy way for them to subscribe, you can acquire a keyword on any of the available shared short codes.

For example, you may obtain the keyword SHOES on the short code 4884 to ask your subscriber to join:

Send SHOES to 4884 to subscribe and get 15% OFF your next purchase.

You can also setup a custom journey and send an automatic response with a discount coupon when a new customer subscribes using this keyword.

Keywords are an easy way to get subscribers offline and they do very well on printed media like ads, flyers, posters or packaged goods.

How to obtain a keyword

From the Settings page, visit the Numbers from its menu on the left side of the page.

From the Numbers section, click on the Keyword tab and then on the Set up a new keyword.

A new wizard will guide you through the process.

The steps can be summarized as:

  1. Choose the country where you want to use this keyword. If you want to use the keyword in more than one country you need to repeat this process for every country you want to have it available.
  2. On the next step, select the option Get a Keyword and continue.
  3. Enter the name of your desired keyword. Please note that the keyword must contain letters and numbers and spaces are not allowed.
  4. On the next step choose from the list of available short codes the one that you want to use. Your selected keyword will be available only on the selected short code.
  5. Continue to the review page and if everything is correct confirm to get your keyword.
  6. Your keyword is now associated to your business and it is immediately available for you to use.

We recommend testing that it works by sending a text message with the keyword to the selected number.

You can see and manage your keywords from the Keywords tab on the Numbers page.

Keywords pricing

Depending on your current plan you may have a certain number of keywords that you can use with no extra cost.

You can see how many keywords you have available on your plan from the Keywords tab on the Numbers page or also while obtaining a new keyword at the moment of selection and final confirmation.

If you need more keywords outside the limit of your current plan, the price per additional keyword is $50 USD per month.