Understanding plan quotas

To see the current usage of the existing plan visit the Settings section, click on the Usage and Billing page and then on Usage summary link to expand its results.

If additional quota is required it is possible to upgrade the plan. Otherwise, excesses in consumption are billed as extra charges.


Plans offer different packages of local SMS messages included at no extra cost.

Messages included in the plan quota can be used in all forms of interactions with customers such as Campaigns, Inbox and Journeys.

SMS quotas reset at the beginning of each month. If the total of SMS sent during a month exceeds the allowed quota the extra messages will be charged separately.

SMS prices are set on country basis and are the same for short codes and local phone numbers with the exception of migrated phone lines, where the charge per message sent is 1/10th of the SMS price on that country.

We do not currently charge for SMS received.

International SMS

SMS included in the quota are available for the country where the plan is acquired. This is typically the country where the business operates.

Sometimes businesses may interact with customers in different countries. International SMS messages are not included in the plan quota and are always charged separately.

Mercado Libre

We do not currently charge for Mercado Libre messages either sent or received.

Phone lines

Plans include a number of local mobile phone lines to acquire or to migrate at no extra cost.

Migrated phone lines also count as part of this allowance.

It is possible to acquire additional phone lines when exceeding the quota of phone lines available in the current plan.

Additional lines are charged separately on monthly basis.


Plans may also include keywords at no extra cost.

Additional keywords can also be purchased separately.