Campaign Reporting

One of the great benefits of campaigns are their powerful reporting and detailed metrics of user engagement.

With campaign reports, you have a detailed view about its effectiveness and how your subscribers interacted: from their first click on the shared link all the way until a purchase was made.

These reports provide incredible insight to help you understand how much sales they generated, what products customers preferred most and not less importantly valuable feedback to keep optimizing and delivering even better campaigns in the future.

To view a campaign reporting go to the Campaigns section and simply click on the title of any delivered campaign you want to see its insights. You can only see reportings for campaigns that were already delivered.

Selecting a period

Reports automatically include the whole period from the day the campaign started until the last day that it had an interaction.

You can adjust the reporting to start on a different day and select the period onwards. This give you great flexibility when wanting to see activity over a particular period of time.


If the campaign contains a short link to your site or any promotion or product advertised and you previusly implemented the Hellotext.js tracker, these events will be recorded and aggregated into the reportings.

From the reporting it is possible to view details of:

  • Purchases made
  • Items added/removed from carts
  • Refunds
  • Apps installed/removed
  • Form completions

Names explained

  • CTR: Click-through rate is the percentage of clicks made over the total of unique recipients of the campaign.
  • CVR: Conversion rate refers to the percentage of unique clicks made that ended up in a purchase.

Campaign activity

Every action performed by a subscriber who interacted with the campaign will be recorded as an event and shown at the Activity section of the report.

Activities are updated in real-time and new events will be shown without having to reload the page.

You can also narrow the results by searching by subscriber or the actions recorded.