Instagram story link

By using Instagram’s Story capture tools, you can create a special SMS protocol link that allows users to subscribe directly to your business without ever leaving Instagram.

When users click the link, their SMS app will open with a pre-filled opt-in message and phone number. All they have to do is tap Send and they’ll be subscribed to your business.

Plus, you can use Instagram stories to offer incentives for joining, such as coupons, discounts on future purchases, and access to exclusive products.

Create an Instagram Story capture link

To set up an Instagram Story capture link, go to the Captures section and click on New capture method. Then, select Instagram Story.

If you have phone numbers or short codes associated with your business, you can choose one of these as the number that customers will send the opt-in message to.

If you don’t have a preference or don’t have any numbers associated with your business, you can use the default settings and Hellotext will choose the most appropriate number for you.

You can also customize the pre-filled message that customers will send to subscribe.

Assigning coupons and journeys

On the next step, you have the option to choose what happens after your customer subscribe.

By default, a welcome message is sent to the subscriber.

However, if you have created any coupons, you can choose to include them in the welcome message as an incentive for subscribing.

Alternatively, you can select a journey that you have created to replace the default welcome message.

This journey will be sent to the subscriber instead of the default message.

Move to the last step and copy the link given.

Share this link on your new Instagram story as you would do with a regular link.

Your customers will be able now to subscribe directly from your Instagram story.